Ashok Hotel is just 10 minutes walk from station / market & jain temple. Cottage by cottage, the Hotel has come up long way treasuring the Heritage of tradition. Refraining from concretizing, Ashok Hotel has set up itself apart to give you the true Feel of Nature. Ashok Hotel is Situated in picturesque LandScape.

Ashok Hotel is a 205 year old Hotel Bunglow now a Heritage structure covering area of 7.5 acres of land surrounded by natural greenery, Springs, garden and swimming pool facing the bunglow and open spaces for recreation. It has a cricket ground for day and night cricket playing facility. 

Spreading its cottage & bunglow in sprawling 7.5 acres, every room surrounded by trees & greenery for the freshness of life. The open skies and chirps of the birds add to the charm of atmosphere. True to the customs of India, the setting of the hotel is like a small village amidst the woods. The setting up of our hotel is like setting a small village in the forest .Come here and feel the environment.

The varanda of our hotel Bunglow which can occupy 100 persons can be utilised as a dance floor during the monsoon and Gymkhana throughout the year. It is approximately 400Sq. ft.

It is said that every sunrise brings new hopes in life, new energies to work and similarly every sunset leaves the dream in eyes about what's coming and when you see it in such a lovely way. It recharges and refreshes you. Don't miss all these lovely moments after coming at our hotel.

The rooms of the hotel are having Cozy Beds and TV sets for catching up the daily news, One loves to stay in our A/C Cottages.

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